Safety and security

Does not cause allergic reactions!
Minimal risk of side effects or inflammation due to unique process of cleaning, oxygen removal and sterilization!

Our company is the official and exclusive distributor of HYALAX in Germany!

Thanks to a unique cleaning process, HYALAX hyaluronic acid is particularly sterile compared to other fillers.

Which regions or wrinkles can be treated with the help of HYALAX fillers?

The Hyalax products differ in concentration, density and durability, so that all skin areas of the face can be treated at all levels of the dermis, but also the hands, neck and décolleté.

Is an allergy test necessary before starting treatment with HYALAX fillers?

An allergy test is not necessary due to the unique sterile cleaning of the HYALAX fillers. HYALAX guarantees a limited risk of side effects or inflammatory processes.

  • Short glass fillers
  • Special shape of the piston rod
  • Ergonomic finger-slapping (360° rotation)
  • Absolute control over the process throughout the entire process.

Hyalax stands out:

  • Immediate and lasting effect
  • High viscosity to create significant volume and optimized elasticity to simulate a natural and aesthetic appearance.
  • The injection procedure is simple
  • The product is homogeneous, which provides optimal control over the process and comfort during injection.

Hyalax®– products are manufactured according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP standards. Oxyloggic tests, biocompatibility tests have been performed according to ISO 10993 standards. Thanks to innovative technology, Hyalax® products meet the highest quality standards and are absolutely safe.

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